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Paul Spence’s life is a testament to the incredible strength of the human spirit


As a brain injury survivor, he has overcome tremendous challenges and emerged as an inspiration to many. Paul’s journey began like any other until a fateful event altered the course of his life.

Using this backstory, Paul delivers talks which focus on inspiring and motivating others that whatever the circumstances, amazing outcomes can be achieved. He has been recruited to deliver his ‘One Punch Ruins Lives’ presentation to proactive and forward thinking organisations including Swift Group, where every apprentice at the Swift Academy has heard the presentation. It’s great to see national companies, such as Sewell Group, pledge their engagement to educating their employees about one punch incidents, emotional intelligence and the importance of coping strategies to walk away.

By focusing on the key themes of mental health, developing resilience, and facing adversity, Paul’s talks help others by sharing lessons learned and practical advice on how to become a self-starter with real world examples of what worked for him.

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‘After 3 years of unprecedented challenges within business; COVID, Brexit, supply chain delays and a material crisis
within our industry, we knew that our team and our business would need resilience to continue to succeed.

Who better to talk about resilience than a man who has been at rock bottom, fought his way back, by meeting every challenge head on and is now an inspirational leader whose life’s mission is to help others?

Paul has since spoken to our staff on a number of topics including; the importance of exercise, healthy eating, mental health and emotional intelligence.

I, and the whole team at Springfield would highly recommend any business, organisation or educational institution to engage with Paul. His story is incredible and will leave any audience feeling inspired to overcome any challenge.’

Matt Dass

Owner and Director, Springfield Solutions and Eon Visual Media