Frequently asked questions

Can I book Paul to give a talk at my organisation?

Yes, Paul is open to discussing all speaking opportunities, to help spread awareness and share his story so that it might inspire and educate others. Please use the email address provided to get in touch.

What types of places can Paul provide speaking engagements?

Paul is available to share his story in many different arenas, from small community groups through to large corporations via local authority organisations. Get in touch to discuss what this might look like for you.

Is Paul only available to speak in his local Hull area?

No, Paul is happy to accommodate different locations, as spreading his story has relevance UK wide. Get in touch to discuss whereabouts you are based and how he might be able to support your requirements.

Does Paul need any support to deliver his talk?

There is the need for an area to project a presentation however outside of this the requirements are limited.

Who are the talks that Paul delivers aimed at?

Paul can tailor his talk to suit a number of different audience types, by developing a number of themed talks relevant to his lived experience. This includes the importance of resilience, which is ideal for any workplace. The impact of sustaining acquired brain injury from one punch, which is ideal for educating those in school or criminal justice situations as well as being suitable for engaging those either being educated or working in healthcare professions. Get in touch to discuss what this could look like for your organisation.

Is the story of his journey upsetting?

Paul delivers an impactful story which relates directly to his personal journey. This is not designed to be upsetting although as it is a true reflection of his situation, some may find this slightly emotional.

Is there a cost for having Paul speak at my event?

Please get in touch to discuss this.