Presentations to educate, motivate and inspire


As time passed, Paul’s progress allowed him to reclaim aspects of his life that he once feared may have been lost

His journey to recovery not only transformed his life but also allowed him to foster a deep sense of empathy and understanding for others facing similar challenges.

Having the opportunity to deliver presentations within the Criminal Justice System allows Paul to educate and inspire individuals to make the right choices to become the best version of themselves.

Both talks have been well received across youth justice programmes and have been adopted by local Police forces and prison services as part of their prevention strategies.


‘Hull Youth Justice Service were delivering violence based intervention but without the impact of real life experience and insight. Paul has been excellent in offering this. Staff refer for group or 1-2-1 sessions based on a child’s offence and need, where children get a real understanding of how their decisions can impact the rest of their lives and that of their victims. Feedback has been excellent with children stating they ‘didn’t realise’ and they would ‘think twice’ in the future.’

Victoria Fenton

Assistant Service Manager , Hull Youth Justice Service

‘Paul attended the Recovery Wing at HMP Humber over four consecutive occasions, sharing his story to over 100 men in varying stages of drug and alcohol recovery. Paul’s honest and relatable journey was a massive hit with all, resulting in a newfound hope and inspiration for their own personal journeys. 
In the weeks after Paul’s visit, the men reflected in detail on their life choices; the importance of anger management and how by applying their thinking skills they can reduce risks of any potential violent outcomes. I believe that Paul’s personal and professional facilitation of his recovery journey story has influenced the men that attended.’
Lisa Templeman

Recovery Coordinator, HMP Hull