Presentations to educate, motivate and inspire


With unwavering support from loved ones and medical professionals, Paul embraced rehabilitation with a tenacity that astounded everyone around him


Through countless hours of therapy, he gradually relearned essential skills, step by step, day by day.

During his personal journey, Paul learnt the key interventions that would support his brain health and overall health and wellness. Having developed this unique understanding and knowledge, Paul become an advocate and enthusiast for sharing learnings from his journey to encourage positive transformations.

In his presentations, Paul speaks openly about his mental health and shares the key message that no matter the setbacks, challenges or failures we face in life, we can always come back stronger if we never give up.

Having a platform to share this in an education setting will see Paul deliver talks which can align with any particular learning requirement. Talks centre around topics including One Punch incidents, resilience, growth mindset, emotional intelligence and mind management. Click Schools or Universities to find out more.

Paul’s experience includes giving talks to young people of all age groups

With talks tailored and appropriate to each age group ranging from Primary school to University students.

Across all groups, feedback has been resoundingly positive, suggesting how useful & insightful these talks have been.



‘Our first year nursing students are currently undertaking a module exploring professional nursing practice which includes inclusivity and compassionate nursing. Paul from the P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery charity delivered a session to the whole cohort in which he was able to convey the human impact of a brain injury bringing to life the theory and allowing the students to link their new theoretical knowledge with practical experience. The session was inspiring, emotive and one which the student feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you again Paul for sharing your story and the amazing work of the charity.’

Georgina Green

Lecturer in Nursing (Child) RN Child, SCPHN, Admissions Tutor , University of Hull

‘At least once a year Paul helps to deliver training on Acquired Brain Injury on our Doctorate programme, helping Trainee Clinical Psychologists better understand the nature and effects of brain injury from a truly personal and inspirational perspective. Every year the unanimously positive feedback identifies this session as a highlight of the training, reflecting the value that it holds in bringing the topic of life beyond acquired brain injury to life, helping trainees consider the part they could have in facilitating someone’s rehabilitation journey. Paul always finds the balance between delivering training in a professional and informative way whilst being approachable and personal, and is always keen to gain feedback and adapt the training to meet the adapting needs of the trainees. I have greatly valued the work of P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery, both in the capacity of supporting the academic learning of students, and in the support they deliver to those in the community who undoubtedly benefit from their service.’

Lili Dixon

Principal Clinical Psychologist, Hull University Teaching Hospitals