My Life Changing Journey


About the Talk

Being open about his experiences and choices, Paul delivers a talk inspiring audiences to progress out of the Criminal Justice System and lead extraordinary lives. During this talk, Paul discusses overcoming his trauma, adopting a growth mindset and developing resilience through healthy choices and coping strategies.

Paul’s My Life Changing Journey presentation shines a light on victim experiences and shows it’s never too late to make the right choices and become the best version of yourself.

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‘This was an absolutely brilliant talk. Thank you to Paul for giving us an incredible insight into his experiences of a brain injury, what was important in his recovery and how we can go on to best support individuals with an ABI in the future. Paul is an excellent speaker, very clear and it was fascinating to hear about his journey’

Clinical Psychology Student

University of Hull

‘The talk was inspirational, motivating but also very eye opening. I admire the desire to help the community, especially after the challenges faced throughout’

Energas Staff

‘Absolutely amazing! What an incredible story. I cried from beginning to end, emotional, thought provoking and educational. This story needs to escalate world wide’

Energas Staff

‘An inspiration, you have used your experiences to help others and making such a huge positive impact on our community and that is amazing, go you! Inspired me to push for my dreams and hope to make a difference’

Hull University Nursing Student