What is Paul Talks?


Looking back, Paul Talks actually started a long time ago, although it wasn’t known as Paul Talks back then; it was just me, Paul Spence, talking to schools, businesses and NHS organisations about my injury and rehabilitation, and the need for community service and support following a brain injury.


Back in 2015…


My primary objective was setting up P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery. Following my brain injury in 2012, I was a different person. I’d lost my sense of identity, my relationships broke down and I lost my career as an Electrical Engineer. It was an extremely difficult time and I felt lost, confused, vulnerable and tormented. Ultimately, I spiralled into deep depression. Despite the amazing care I received from the NHS, I recognised a need for better support within the community and I became powered by passion to set up a charity aimed at supporting those affected by brain injuries, just like me. I set up my Facebook page and began telling my story. I capitalised on every opportunity to speak to businesses, NHS organisations and schools to raise awareness of brain injuries and the impacts they had on individuals and families. Stepping out of my comfort zone led to personal growth and profound self-discovery. In essence, I was using my journey and lived experience as a vehicle to establish and grow P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery.

I felt so proud when the Charity was established and even more so when it was commissioned by the NHS. We were able to evidence the need for community services and the positive impact we were having on brain injury survivors in the local area. During this time, I had to slow down on my Paul Talks journey. I focused all my time and energy into setting up the Charity. Off the back of being commissioned by the NHS, we were able to grow the team at P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery. As of now, we are a team of 8, and have a great board of trustees and ambassadors and I couldn’t be prouder.


Playing an active role in the community support for brain injury survivors, I recognised there was still a demand for education. Because of the amazing team at P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery, I had more time to talk to key individuals, businesses and organisations to raise awareness of brain injuries and one punch incidents through sharing my lived experiences and journey. Developing Paul Talks in 2021 gave me a platform to share my learnings to educate, motivate and inspire others.

Fast forward to now…


I am continuing to build my network and raise awareness of brain injuries and other important topics. It has taken lots of courage, support and self-belief to be where I am now. I have had to learn plenty and build my skills and in doing so, found strength and ability I didn’t know I had. During my talks, I reflect on the life I constructed to support my brain injury and the key interventions that steered me on the right path. I share authentic and real-life insights into key topics including one punch incidents, adopting a growth mindset, adapting to change, reaching your true potential and the journey from rock bottom to leading an extraordinary life.

I am humbled to be given opportunities to speak to key, local institutions including Humberside Police, Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and The University of Hull, amongst many others. As always, I am proud to represent P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery to raise awareness of brain injuries and their devastating impacts. I am excited to see how Paul Talks and the Charity develop over the next few years!

I’d love to hear from you – if you’re interested in hearing any of my Paul Talks presentations,
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