Recently, Sarah Venard invited me to A-Foot Podiatrists clinic based at Cecil Gardens supported living complex, Hawthorn Ave, Hull.

Sarah is a HCPC reg’d Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist who has been practicing for over 10 years. Clients included elite sports professionals. She has a Degree in Podiatry, a Fifa Diploma in Football Medicine. She is currently studying for her Post Grad Diploma in Exercise Prescription. Her life goal is to be the England Football team podiatrist.

Sarah provided a podiatric Biomechanical assessment. This looks at how you stand, walk and then she assessed the small joints in my foot and ankle to provide a diagnosis.

She also did a comprehensive medical assessment and obtained informed consent. Sarah checked my arterial flow from my heart to my feet using a 8mhz Doppler to check for irregularities and the quality of blood flow which is used for monitoring purposes and is also essential for effective healing as blood supplies the essential nutrients to heal wounds, bones, muscles, tendons etc.

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She then used an ancient tool assisted Chinese massage technique called Gua Sha using an iastm tool and she checked beforehand that there were no contraindications to treatment.

This treatment helps improve walking proprioception (knowing how your foot is placing upon the ground, it reduces pain, increases blood flow and flexibility by releasing collagen, breaking down scar tissue and tissue adhesions and it also detoxifies. It makes the foot feel as if you are 20 years old again ie light and rejuvenated.

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Sarah advised on kiniseo tape and other taping techniques to help my left foot Pres-dislocation syndrome of the 2nd metatarsal phalangeal joint.

She cast my feet for long lasting custom made PA11 orthoses which are fully recyclable and eco friendly made from a Castor Bean Derivative. Firefly Orthoses Ltd and its founder Martin McGeough has provided the orthoses free of charge to provide a long term orthotic solution to ensure that my foot and ankle is working at optimum alignment and function. This should improve running endurance and reduce the risk of tissue injury and overload.

people in christmas jumpers holding a baby

Sarah also assessed my running shoes and advised me that you should never entrust your lower limb health to a shop assistant with often minimal Biomechanical training and qualifications. These custom orthoses can be placed in a neutral trainer and this will ensure foot, ankle and knee is working optimally.

Sarah will continue to assist me by keeping my lower limb in its maximal condition so that I can continue to run and fundraise for P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery. I’m overwhelmed and incredibly thankful for the kind and generous support from both Sarah and Martin!

For further information of Sarah Venard Specialist Musculoskeletal Podiatrist at A-Foot Podiatrists.

☎️ 01482 871505 or 07896 211600